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So many people start with great intentions but then life gets in the way and their workouts get pushed down the priority list.


The FiTPLAN is a complete health, wellbeing and fat-loss system that is designed specifically for your body.

Unlike generic fitness plans, we concentrate on four key areas of your life enabling you to take your personal fitness and health to the next level.


So how do you make sure you’ll succeed in sticking to your new fitness and health plan? So many people start with great intentions but then life gets in the way and their workouts get pushed down the priority list. Unless you have the tools to create a positive mental attitude around your workouts, meals, sleep routine and self-care, you could end not sticking with things long enough to see results.

The FiTPLAN helps you stay the course to lose weight, get in shape, transform your body and feel great. The FiTPLAN helps you stay positive and motivated so you can celebrate each mini fitness milestone. Although the workouts are designed to get the best from your body – and using weights is undoubtedly the fastest way to lose weight and tone up – you need to be aware that some days or weeks you might not see as much progress and that that’s OK: after all any path of transformation has ups and downs.

There are ultimately NO quick fixes when it comes to lasting health. This is not a ‘drop five dress sizes in a week’ kind of plan – it’s a positive, long-lasting set of changes to keep you healthy and fit for life.

Here’s what you’ll get on the FiTPLAN to help you stay on track:

• Easy ways to lift your mood: If you’re feeling tired, upset or depressed, exercising or eating well can feel more of an effort when all you want to do is stay under the duvet or tuck into a tub of chocolate ice-cream or family-sized bag of crisps! We’ve all been there, but the FiTPLAN helps you learn to recognize and deal with difficult feelings so you’re more likely to bounce back and stay on track.

• The best stress-reduction techniques: Your mind can hugely affect your body. If you’re constantly wired and running on adrenaline, or experiencing low-level chronic stress, this can make it even harder to lose weight. We explain why this is and show you ways to manage and reduce stress with simple, effective breathing techniques as well as lots of other stress-reducing solutions.

• Discovering how to say no: Feeling overloaded, overburdened, over worked? Then it’s time to prioritise yourself and your health. The FiTPLAN can help you set boundaries with others so you can look after yourself. Find out how to say no to others in a way that feels good to you. After all, if you don’t take care of your health, who else will?

• Secrets to staying motivated: Sticking to your fitness goals, contrary to popular belief, isn’t necessarily just about willpower. Creating healthy new habits and making things simple is the best way to stick at anything, and we show you how while also helping you avoid self sabotaging behaviour.


54 workouts
10, 20, 30 minute options
Based on your body type
Step-by-step guide
Perform anywhere
Comprehensive testing


Maximise your sleep
Boost your energy
Fix your gut and get the most from your food
Detox safely and effectively
Minimise environmental stressors that could hinder health


Manage your mood
Learn effective ways to manage stress
Learn to make YOU the priority
Discover how best to maintain motivation
Avoid self-sabotage


Beat your cravings
Learn what to eat and when to eat it
Find out why “dieting” can prevent weight loss
Discover the best type of food to focus on
Learn about portion sizes