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When it comes to knowing what to eat for optimum health, there’s so much information out there that it can become a minefield.


The FiTPLAN is a complete health, wellbeing and fat-loss system that is designed specifically for your body.

Unlike generic fitness plans, we concentrate on four key areas of your life enabling you to take your personal fitness and health to the next level.


When it comes to knowing what to eat for optimum health, there’s so much information out there that it can become a minefield. There’s always a new trend – paleo, keto, low-GI, vegan, alkaline, macros – to follow, so how do you know what’s right for you?

On the FiTPLAN you’ll get access to hundreds of recipes and sensible eating advice to support the great work your doing on the exercise front – after all, you need to fuel your body, not put it into a state of famine! We’re not about eliminating any one particular food group or restricting calories in any way. In fact, we want you to be eating more of the right foods, as you’ll need the right foods, drinks and supplements to sustain your body between each workout.

There’s no point cutting your food intake; here it’s all about focusing on the right foods – ones that keep you feeling fuller for longer, nourish your body and support your gut health. What you eat can also affect your mood, so you’ll learn about that. Plus, you’ll also eat to maintain stable blood sugar – so important when it comes to maintaining your energy throughout the day and, in the longer term, warding off diabetes.

Here’s a taste of what the FiTPLAN will provide:

• Beat your food cravings: Does a certain food seem to sabotage your good healthy eating intentions? Find out how to crush that craving and replace it with something that supports rather than hinders your health.

• Learn not only what but when to eat: There’s a huge focus at the moment on intermittent fasting and the benefits it can have not only for weight loss but also preventing illnesses. Find out how best to time your meals so it suits you and your lifestyle and so you don’t end up feeling hungry or ‘hangry’ (i.e. angry from hunger!)

• Find out why dieting prevents you from losing weight: So many people, mainly women, have dieted in the past and yet most of them put the weight back on, and then some. In the FiTPLAN you’ll discover the truth about why calorie-restricted diets don’t work and why they set you up to fail. Also learn about portion sizes and why you needn’t fear a full plate.

• Discover the best types of food to focus: You’ll learn about the best proteins, fats and carbs (yes, there are good versions of the latter two!) and how they affect your body in different ways so you can modify your diet accordingly.


54 workouts
10, 20, 30 minute options
Based on your body type
Step-by-step guide
Perform anywhere
Comprehensive testing


Maximise your sleep
Boost your energy
Fix your gut and get the most from your food
Detox safely and effectively
Minimise environmental stressors that could hinder health


Manage your mood
Learn effective ways to manage stress
Learn to make YOU the priority
Discover how best to maintain motivation
Avoid self-sabotage


Beat your cravings
Learn what to eat and when to eat it
Find out why “dieting” can prevent weight loss
Discover the best type of food to focus on
Learn about portion sizes