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You are unique, so is your body. Everyone has their own body type, health history, DNA and lifestyle influences.


The FiTPLAN is a complete health, wellbeing and fat-loss system that is designed specifically for your body.

Unlike generic fitness plans, we concentrate on four key areas of your life enabling you to take your personal fitness and health to the next level.


You are unique, so is your body. Everyone has their own body type, health history, DNA and lifestyle influences. What works for some in terms of fitness won’t be right for everyone.

Some people get great results from high-intensity workouts and loads of cardio – often younger people with lots of energy to burn. But if you’re stressed out, tired and wired and juggling a job with kids and other commitments, your body might appreciate different types of exercise such as Pilates and yoga as these help you reduce stress, unlike HIIT which gives your body a hit of stress hormones.

Also, as you get older, it becomes even important to look after your muscles, bones and joints. Weight training, or resistance training as it’s also called, is a fantastic way to maintain and even build muscle to prevent it wasting away (after age 30, muscle mass decreases by 1 per cent each year unless you do regular weight-bearing workouts). It’s also the best way to burn fat, including unwanted belly fat, and has been proven to be far more effective for toning up than pure cardio alone. With the FiTPLAN you’ll learn not only how to safely perform weight-bearing moves but how to progress them for faster results. And you’ll be doing the right ones in the right way for your body.

Here’s what else you’ll get from the FiTPLAN:

Workouts based on your body type and posture: The FiTPLAN helps you learn not only how to safely perform exercises, but thanks to the in-depth questionnaire at the start, it ensures you select the right fitness plan for your body type. After all, why follow just any old ‘onesize-fits-all’ programme when you can work out in a way that’s better suited to YOUR body as well as your lifestyle?

• Workouts suited to your level of ability: It’s no use jumping headfirst into a programme that’s either too easy or too hard for you. That’s why on the FiTPLAN there are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so you can start at the right place for you and still see results.

• Various length workouts: We know you’re busy, so with 54 workouts covering 10-, 20- and 30-minute options, there’ll always be a workout you can fit into your busy schedule. Not all of them include equipment or weights, either, so you truly can workout any time, anywhere that suits you.

• On-going assessments: Throughout your fitness journey you’ll complete comprehensive tests and assessments to chart your progress. These are simple to do and are so important as they help motivate you to continue as you see results.


54 workouts
10, 20, 30 minute options
Based on your body type
Step-by-step guide
Perform anywhere
Comprehensive testing


Maximise your sleep
Boost your energy
Fix your gut and get the most from your food
Detox safely and effectively
Minimise environmental stressors that could hinder health


Manage your mood
Learn effective ways to manage stress
Learn to make YOU the priority
Discover how best to maintain motivation
Avoid self-sabotage


Beat your cravings
Learn what to eat and when to eat it
Find out why “dieting” can prevent weight loss
Discover the best type of food to focus on
Learn about portion sizes