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Why the FiTPLAN

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Why the FiTPLAN?

Our passion and aim is to help you discover a clear path for your continued success, taking all the confusion away so you can finally achieve your goals.


The FiTPLAN is a complete health, wellbeing and fat-loss system that is designed specifically for your body.

Unlike generic fitness plans, we concentrate on four key areas of your life enabling you to take your personal fitness and health to the next level.


You are unique and therefore have specific requirements to achieve your goals, whether that’s moving better, improving cardio fitness or becoming lean and toned.

You have the most complicated machine on the planet, your body, but there’s no user manual for how to get the best out of it. Online Personal Training provides you with that manual, containing simple, easy-to-apply changes that allow you to live life to the maximum and have the body you deserve.

We have studied and examined countless approaches over the past 20 years, training with some of the best health coaches in the world to discover what works and what doesn’t. And with that knowledge we bring to you our completely unique and comprehensive system.

The system we use addresses individual differences, not just when it comes to exercise but other crucial, often overlooked areas that influence your health and waistline. These include: sleep, stress, digestion, cravings, energy, mood and mindset, plus more.

Each area can hugely affect your health and wellbeing and determine overall success or failure when it comes to getting fit.

Our passion and aim is to help you discover a clear path for your continued success, taking all the confusion away so you can finally achieve your goals.

How does it work?

The FiTPLAN is our unique health, fitness and weight-loss programme. It’s a step by step approach to rebalancing your body so you can drop unwanted weight, become fitter and stronger and feel more energised. The FiTPLAN stands for:

F = Functional
I = Integrated
T = Training

which emphasise these key health areas:

P = Physical
L = Lifestyle
A = Attitude
N = Nutrition

The plan is designed to be easy to use and simple to integrate into your life. It’s tailored to your body and gives you a clear idea of the areas you need primarily to focus on. Instead of the scatter gun approach most people adopt, following bits of one diet and doing the off bit of exercise here and there, the FiTPLAN identifies your weak areas and provides tested strategies to help you stay the course.


54 workouts
10, 20, 30 minute options
Based on your body type
Step-by-step guide
Perform anywhere
Comprehensive testing


Maximise your sleep
Boost your energy
Fix your gut and get the most from your food
Detox safely and effectively
Minimise environmental stressors that could hinder health


Manage your mood
Learn effective ways to manage stress
Learn to make YOU the priority
Discover how best to maintain motivation
Avoid self-sabotage


Beat your cravings
Learn what to eat and when to eat it
Find out why “dieting” can prevent weight loss
Discover the best type of food to focus on
Learn about portion sizes